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The annual membership fee is 5 p.a. and all residents are warmly encouraged to join so we have broad representation. In the past, subscriptions have been used to pay for landscaping and planting of the common areas, AGM costs, membership of the Cockburn Association, website maintenance, purchase of communal snow shovels and to ensure that local events such as the Jubilee Street Party or the Cheese and Wine evening can run. To become a member please print and complete the following form (instructions included):

We maintain a email list of residents for the purposes of sending out newsletters, Neighbourhood watch messages and to forward items that may be of interest to residents. Please contact us (details below) with changes to emails or to go on the distribution list.

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Please contact us for any questions/suggestions:

Blacket Place in the snow of 2010

Blacket Place in 2010 (Robin Waddell)

Blacket Area Plan