Upcoming events are as follows:

  • 18th September 2018 - next Committee Meetings. Held approximately four times a year. See The Committee for meeting minutes.
  • Date TBC - Neighbourhood Watch - The annual meeting of the Blacket local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators.
  • Date TBC - Common Areas Maintenance - Periodic meeting of Shrubbery Working Party to maintain and enhance our shared areas. Volunteers welcome- bring a trowel! See Planning & Conservation for details.
  • May & October 2018- Newsletters - Distribution of the Blacket newsletters. See below for previous editions.
  • Date 15th June 2018 - Open Gardens - The main annual summer social event open to all. A number of residents allow us to have a look round their gardens, after which we adjourn to the final garden of the evening for some light refreshment and chat.
  • Date 24th October 2018 7.30pm - Annual General Meeting in the Old Bell, Duncan Street. An AGM, followed by an opportunity to socialise with other residents. The event is open to all members to report on activities during the year, canvass opinions and issues from members. See The Committee for AGM minutes.

For Sale

The following cards can be purchased- all proceeds go to the Association (Contact Us for further information):

  • The Blackadder Orchid card- an orchid found growing in the shrubbery of Blacket Avenue, sketched in situ by Dame Elizabeth Blackadder and later produced as a painting.- £1.25 each, £5 for 5, or £90 for 100
  • The Blacket Pillars card- a pen-and-ink sketch by Catherine Gerrard, a previous resident of Mayfield Terrace and past Chair of the Association. £1.25 each, £5 for 5, or £90 for 100


The following items can be borrowed by our members for their own use (Contact Us for further information):

  • Snow Shovels
  • A Gazebo- Approx 4m x 3m in size
  • The Blacket Wall Hanging- An embroidered hanging donated by Rosemary Plum formerly of 44 Blacket Place
  • Engraving- A picture from 1826 and donated by Joan Weir formerly of 31 Blacket Place.

Blacket Association response to the Council's cycling consultation

The following is the Blacket Association response to the Council's cycling consultation for the proposed cycleway from Holyrood to Ratcliffe Terrace. 27 June 2017


For current and past newsletters, see the following links:

Blacket Area Plan